Estate Agents+Google My Local Business+Google 3 Stack = Results £$€

If you are an Estate Agent or Realtor you will know already that being visible to you local clients is a must to ensure you get more clients.

Many Estate Agents spend a fortune on ads to get to the top of the list but most potential clients normally scroll past the ads and got to the Google 3 Stack (Money Stack). Take for example at random a search on my phone on Google for Estate Agents in Ipswich. As you can see the big BLUE PHONE ME BUTTON next to the companies listed in the Google 3 Stack.





Now if you log into Rightmove app or website or any Property listing application in your area you will find a strong correlation between the amount of listed properties and the Estate Agents listed in the Google 3 Stack. This happens because many people who are actually looking to move house use a Local Estate Agent and majority use online and predominantly use their mobile to do the search. Most people doing online valuations are mainly looking at the value of their house and looking at re-mortgaging or extracting value out of their estate.

Estate Agents needs real people looking to move so you will find that Estate agents in the Google 3 Stack get first call on these customers and like myself if the phone is not answered you start going down the list until you get an answer. So my question to all you Estate Agents (Realtors) out there pick your phone up do a local search on Google and see where you are listed in the Google 3 Stack. If you are there already well done but you must keep checking it and don’t be complacent. Google has deployed vast amounts of AI (Artificial Intelligence) on it network that even the GOOGLE egg heads can’t fathom out the algorithm.

But if you are not in the Google 3 Stack or nowhere near don’t panic. We have a programme of Cerebral Marketing that can help any business get into the Google 3 Stack. We are so confident that we will refund you money if we don’t get you there in 6 months. So if you are one of the unfortunate ones not in the Google 3 Stack and having trouble getting more clients drop us an email or give us a call and we can have a chat around what we can do to bring success to your business